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Fish River Canyon

Second biggest canyon in the world

Fish River Canyon is one of Namibia’s most beautiful spots to visit. Did you know that it’s the largest canyon in Africa & the second largest canyon in the world, yeah, you heard that right! It’s one of the most visited destinations in Southern Africa as it’s known for it’s beautiful hiking trails. There’s no doubt you’ll want to check out Fish River Canyon if you enjoy hiking! Even if you aren’t hiking it, it’s still worth visiting. This breathtaking place deserves to be included in any Namibia tour itinerary. Fish River Canyon is located in Aussenkehr, Namibia.

We recommend taking the C13 route from Noordoewer to Ausenkeur. It is tarred until just after Aussenkeur. Our base camp is just 140km from the Fish River Canyon, so take this route to get there quickly. Click here for driving directions from our base camp

Things to take note of

Canyon hikes are only allowed between May 1st and September 15th because of extreme weather temperatures outside of these dates. Booking the Hike requires a minimum of three (3) participants, and children under the age of 12 are not permitted. There is a limit of 30 hikers per day, so book early to avoid disappointment. It is very important that you bring a valid medical certificate proving that you have no health problems. The certificate cannot be older than 40 days.

Quiver Tree Forest

Quiver Tree Forest (Kokerboom Woud in Afrikaans) is another one of Namibia’s popular tourist attraction spots. The Quiver Tree is known as an upside-down tree as its leaves look  somewhat similar to roots.  Around 250 specimens of Aloidendron dichotomum, or quiver tree (Afrikaans: kokerboom), can be found at this forest. In 1995, Namibia declared the forest a national monument, recognizing its spontaneous nature. The tallest quiver trees found there are two to three centuries old, that’s 200 to 300 years old, incredible, right?

Things to take note of

Quiver Tree Forest is located in Aussenkehr, Namibia, about 45km from our base camp. Click here for driving directions from our base camp.

After driving for long hours to get to visit the forest, you will need a good night rest. Click this link to find your overnight accommodation