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Orange River Rafting Trips with Bundi offer the best value. We take great pride in offering unforgettable adventures and meeting the expectations of our clients. The section of the river we raft on is ideal for the entire family from 6 years of age.

If you are looking for ultimate way to escape the daily grind, disconnect and spend quality time with you friends and loved then this is where it all begins. We are a Rafting and Canoeing Operator and offer different packages ranging from ½ day – 5 day tours. Whether it’s a quick 1 day tour, a weekend long trip or a 5 days rafting expedition, we can guarantee you memorable white water rafting experience.

It can be daunting to choose the right trip from the many options. First, start by thinking of: how much vacation time do you have for which time of year? Bundi offers different packages throughout the year to allow you to spend some time on the river. Tailor-made trips to suit your specific dates and group can be arranged upon request, pending availability. We recommend our longer tours, given the distance one travels to get to Namibia.

The Bundi Experience

A panoramic view of amazing natural beauty untouched by man offers a breathtaking contrast of the flowing river and granite mountain backdrop. During your trip, enjoy sunny days, dramatic sunsets, relaxing campfires, and a night under the stars.

Every Bundi Orange River Adventure combines incredible scenery, friendly guides, all rafting or canoeing gear, delicious food prepared by our guides and camping. The Orange River Experience is truly unforgettable and a true bucket list experience!

River Rafting is one of the most healthy, adventurous, and exhilarating activities of the nineties. No experience is necessary to enjoy this activity. It is a unique experience rafting down the Orange River surrounded by natural beauty and the sounds of the fish eagle taking flight into the blue below. Silently drifting through Namibia’s most diverse and stunningly beautiful stretches is the perfect retreat from the city.

The local guides make the best guides

Almost all of our workers and guides reside in Southern Namibia and we are committed to developing the community around us. Since they grew up on the banks of the Orange River (Gariep), you can learn many fascinating stories about the river from them. Guides in our company have years of experience. Some have roots dating back to 1995. Every two years, Bundi River Rafter guides renew their first aid certifications and undergo swift-water training as well, but their pièce de résistance is that they are all fantastic cooks! Enjoy their delicious meals while exploring the magnificent Orange River.

Rafting Distance & River Grade

Distances covered on each river rafting tour can vary, depending on each group’s paddling strength. Short, relaxed 3 day trips usually cover 45km, whilst longer trips range between 63 and 86 km. Each day we aim to cover around 15 km (river flow average about 4km/h), stopping regularly for refreshments, lunch and to share in the excitement of the Grade 1-2 rapids.

For the Orange River rafting expedition, the minimum age is 5 years old, while the canoeing adventure has a minium age of 6 years old. The reason for this difference in age is that the inflatable crocs that we raft with is more stable than the Mohawk canoes. We do not wear helmets as the biggest rapid is only grade 2 however helmets are recommended from grade 3 rapids and up as per The International Rafting Federation.

How Bundi Trips Work

  • On the first day, we will welcome you at our base camp with supper at 7pm and a packing speech at 8pm.
  • The next morning after breakfast, your guide will give you a safety talk then you will go onto the river for the number of days that you booked (½ 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).
  • You enjoy a relaxing cruise down the Orange River and spend your evenings under the starry night sky.
  • The afternoon of the last day on the Orange River, we will collect you at your endpoint and return you to our Base Camp for a much-deserved shower and final supper next to the river.
  • What better way to end off your adventure! After a good night’s rest at our Bundi Base Camp, you then depart for home after breakfast the next morning.

Conveniently Located

Located in Southern Namibia along the banks of the Orange River, Bundi Base Camp is just a short 10-kilometer drive from Noordoewer. Early pioneers used the old River Rafter base camp to explore the Orange River Rafting and Canoeing route. This route is now used through the Richtersveld. Aside from en-suite chalets and campsites, we also have an on-site ablution block, community kitchen, lounge area, and a large recreation hall. On hot summer days, the river is a nice place to cool off, not to mention the fields for kids to play on. All guests have access to safe open-air parking.

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