Namibia Visa Requirements

RSA passport holders do not need visas for tourism in Namibia. However, non-South African citizens should check visa requirements before traveling. They can inquire with:

    •  It’s essential to ensure that your visa permits entry into Namibia and allows for return to South Africa or another country.

For non-South Africans residing in South Africa and South Africans with dual citizenship:

  • South Africans with dual citizenship and non-South Africans residing in South Africa should ensure all necessary paperwork is in order for exiting and re-entering South Africa. They can contact Home Affairs for requirements.
  • Permanent residents in South Africa must depart on a valid South African passport or have a permanent residency stamp in their non-South African passport.


It is the responsibility of the client to obtain and comply with the most updated border regulations and to be in possession of the required documents, vaccinations and other medical certificates as may be required. Please be sure to contact the border to get the most updated and current regulations.

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