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Bundi River Adventurers CC is owned by Paul Rode. After paddling various rivers, he started the Orange River white water rafting business in 1994. It was a no brainier to start a rafting operation on the best section. Every time clients are convinced again and again by the magnificence and splendor of the Richtersveldt section. With his best family holiday, it was love at first experience in 1988. The word got out after he took a couple of students rafting and that is how Bundi River Adventurers quickly became known as the best student outdoor rafting adventure. After his degree, he worked for PWC for a period of 4 months. His aim changed from paying for studies to offering value for money experiences on the Orange River with a high safety record.

About Orange River Rafting

Surrounded by awesome natural beauty untouched by man – the contrast between the moody flowing river and the granite mountains offers a breathtaking divergence.  Enjoy sun-drenched days, spectacular sunsets, relaxing campfires and sleeping under the stars.

River Rafting is one of the healthiest , most adventurous and exhilarating activities of the nineties.  You don’t need any experience, but rest assured by the time you’ve conquered the last rapid, you’ll be experienced.

Rafting down the mighty Orange River surrounded by awesome natural beauty and the haunting  cry of the fish eagle retreating into the blues, makes it such a unique experience.  Drifting silently past the most diverse and breathtakingly beautiful stretches of Namibia must surely be the ultimate breakaway form the City.  Mind-expanding and unforgettable.

Orange River Rafting Safety Record

When booking a rafting expedition, the safety record is one of the most important factors to consider. To date, Bundi has had no serious rafting accidents.  Ironically, we’ve had accidents, but none one of them were water or rafting related. The accidents were 2 broken arms, one by toothbrush and the other by cooler box.  We also had one badly damaged nose and ear, caused by a rugby ball.

One of the best Experiences in Southern Namibia

Bundi Base Camp is situated in Namibia on the banks of the mighty Orange River   and a mere 10km drive from Noordoewer. The Camp is located in the old River Rafters base camp and were used in the pioneering days to explore the Orange River Rafting and Canoeing route; that is now used through the Richtersveldt. We offer en-suite chalets, campsites, ablution blocks, communal kitchen, lounge area and a big recreational hall. Not to mention the big lawns where kids can play and the river to cool down on the hot summer days.  Safe open-air parking is available for all guests.

The local guides makes the best guides

We are committed to developing the community around us and 90% of our workers and guides are local to Southern Namibia. They have been brought up on the banks of the Gariep (Orange River). Many a story can be told of interesting facts about their area. Most of our guides have multiple years of experience. Some reaching back as far as 1995. Every two years all Bundi River Rafter guides renew their Level 3 first aid certification and undergo swift-water training. …. the piece de resistance – they are all great cooks! They provide you with the most delicious meals on your trip along the majestic Orange River.


Bundi River Rafters believes in keeping the river and banks clean of dumping. As we try our best to maintain this unspoiled and delicate environment. Through the years we have conducted a couple of rafting excursions to clean the river banks and to remove rubbish. We have a zero tolerance for dumping trash and also do not allow any glass on river. Therefor we encourage and expect guests  to leave Namibia as they found it. This way you will ensure that the next person will experience Namibia as the absolutely beautiful jewel that it is. All adding to the best holiday rafting experience.

A remark from a client: “A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul. I enjoy with my whole heart, sweet days drifting on the River. I could feel the charm of existence in this spot. It was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that it rejuvenate my sole.”

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