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Paul started the Orange River white water rafting business in 1994 after paddling various rivers. There was no question that a rafting operation should be started on the best section. Word got out after he took a couple of students rafting and that is how Bundi River Adventurers quickly became known as the best student outdoor rafting adventure. The aim at the time was to pay for his studies at the University of Stellenbosch. Soon after graduating, he spent four months at PWC before resigning in order to pursue his newfound dream. As a result, he switched his focus from paying for studies to offering safe experiences on the Orange River at a value for money.

Safety Record

Among the most important factors to look at when booking a rafting trip is the safety record. Up until now, Bundi has not had any serious rafting accidents. Although we’ve had accidents, none of them were related to water or rafting. Our three biggest accidents, since 1994 are as follow:

  • A broken arm from an accident with a toothbrush.
  • A broken arm from an accident with a boyfriend and cooler box
  • A badly damaged nose and ear, caused by a soccer ball – 37 stitches were required on the facial area.

Lesser incidents experienced: Client standing on the ashes of the previous night’s fire to heat their feet caused third degree burns and a client grabbing the kettle from the fire to pore hot water resulted in blisters on their hands.

Bundi Adventurers has rules in place for all clients taking part in our tours. These rules are to ensure everyone’s safety. Examples of some of these rules are as follow:

  • No client is allowed to swim without a lifejacket at any given time.
  • No client is allowed to jump headfirst into the water, ever.
  • No glass is allowed on our trips.
    The rules are communicated multiple times during a trip and continuously enforced.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our Bundi River Rafting packages include all meals from your arrival night until your departure morning, as well as camping at our Base Camp located near Noordoewer, on your first and last night.
  • When comparing with other operators, be sure to check if they include your camping on the last night and departure meal as part of their packages as this is one of the things that sets us apart from some of the other operators.
  • As opposed to varied operators, Bundi makes sure that you spend the amount of days that are booked, on the Orange River, with the arrival and departure days excluded as days on the river. We also encourage you to rest before departing as most people will be driving a long distance back home after this trip.

The local guides make the best guides

Almost all of our workers and guides reside in Southern Namibia and we are committed to developing the community around us. Since they grew up on the banks of the Orange River (Gariep), you can learn many fascinating stories about the river from them. Guides in our company have years of experience. Some have roots dating back to 1995. Every two years, Bundi River Rafter guides renew their first aid certifications and undergo swift-water training as well, but their pièce de résistance is that they are all fantastic cooks! Enjoy their delicious meals while exploring the magnificent Orange River.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read though some of our frequently asked questions about the Orange River.

Our base camp is approximately 10km from the Namibia border at Noordoewer – on the Namibian side.

We do not advise taking children younger than 5 years of age. There is no maximum age limit, though obviously you have to be relatively fit to do this trip.

The river is grade 1 and 2. This means nothing too big and scary. It is suitable for the entire family.

Our Base Camp

Located in Southern Namibia along the banks of the Orange River, Bundi Base Camp is just a short 10-kilometer drive from Noordoewer. Early pioneers used the old River Rafter base camp to explore the Orange River Rafting and Canoeing route. This route is now used through the Richtersveld. Aside from en-suite chalets and campsites, we also have an on-site ablution block, community kitchen, lounge area, and a large recreation hall. On hot summer days, the river is a nice place to cool off, not to mention the fields for kids to play on. All guests have access to safe open-air parking.

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Keeping the Environment Clean

Bundi River Rafters believes in keeping the river and banks clean of dumping. Our guiding principle is to no-tolerance for littering and to no-glass on the river because we strive to keep the natural environment as pristine and delicate as possible. Since the beginning of the project, we have organized several rafting excursions to clean the river banks and remove waste. Because of this, we ask that visitors leave Namibia as they found it. If you do this, you will guarantee that the next person will see Namibia as the absolute jewel that it is. Adding to a wonderful holiday rafting experience.

A remark from a client: “My entire soul is filled with a wonderful serenity. While floating on the River, I enjoyed the sweet days to the fullest. My dear friend I am so happy, as I was so absorbed in the exquisite sense of a mere tranquil existence. It truly rejuvenated my soul”

Bucket list

Paddle down the Orange River

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of Orange River Rafting but never imagined that you could actually be able to do it? Well, now is your opportunity to tick it off your bucket list! Take the plunge and experience a care-free River Rafting multi-day adventure getaway! Paddle down the Orange River and discover the majestic beauty and wildlife of the area while rejuvenating your soul!

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