Cross Border Requirements

Cross border Requirements

Our camp is situated in Namibia, meaning if you’re traveling from abroad, you’ll need to cross an international border to reach us. Namibia boasts well-established immigration and customs systems, making passage through road borders generally straightforward with the correct documentation. The crossing time can vary from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on border congestion.

While some travellers have encountered bribery issues at posts elsewhere in Africa, Namibian officials are known for their friendliness, efficiency, and resistance to corruption. It’s essential to ensure you have all required official documents for immigration and customs clearance.

A friendly demeanour goes a long way, so consider removing your hat and sunglasses and wearing a smile for a warmer reception upon arrival.

Requirements for tourists entering Namibia for stays under 90 days:

  1. Valid Passport. It must be valid for 6 months from the exit date with at least 2 blank pages.
  2. Visa if you are from a visa requiring country. Does not apply to RSA.
  3. All minors (under 18) to have Unabridged birth certificates.
  4. Cross Border Road Toll is payable at the border as a contribution to road maintenance.
  5. Yellow fever vaccination certificate if travelling from affected area.
  6. Border arrival AND departure form. Obtainable at border or download
  7. Please check with the border for any special health requirements or regulations. It is the customers own responsibility to be updated on these types of requirements.
  8. Vehicle documents:
      • Valid passport of the driver
      • Valid driver’s license
      • Certified copy of vehicle registration papers in the name of the driver (The Chassis, engine number, trailer number, and license details will be checked by the police.)
      • Letter of authority from the registered owner if the vehicle is not owned by the driver.
      • If vehicle is still being financed, carry a letter of authority from the bank (must include dates of travel) together with the vehicle license papers.
      • If vehicle is hired, you will need to have the Rental company contract documents with you.
      • Country sticker for vehicle
      • Letter from Insurance confirming their knowledge of the border crossing.
      • Travelers from non-SACU member countries must apply for a Temporary Import Permit. For more information, please view this document. Not applicable to RSA citizens.

Requirements for tourists entering Namibia for stays over 90 days:

  1. The above + the below
  2. Vehicle documents:
    Permit – Duties payment of 16.5% of the value of the car must be paid to customs. This is refundable upon the car’s export from Namibia.

Length of stay:

Tourists can stay for a maximum of 90 days in Namibia if they can produce a return ticket and their passport is valid for at least another 6 months.

For other situations you’ll need to get a visa in advance and your vehicle will require the import permit. Make sure that the visa has enough days granted for your stay. Possible errors of the border official will eventually go to your account. Overstaying the permitted period can draw drastic fines. Check your visa before leaving the immigration counter. You may be detained or fined if you don’t follow visa or immigration requirements.

Entry and exit conditions can change at short notice. Contact the Namibia High Commission +27 (012) 481 9100 or the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration for details about visas, currency, customs, and quarantine rules.

Vioolsdrift Border:
Namibia side:
Tel: 00264-63-297122

South African Side:
Tel: +27(0)27 761 8760

Nakop Border:
Namibian Side:
Tel: +264(0)63 280 057

South African Side:
Tel: +27(0)54 571 0008


It is the responsibility of the client to obtain and comply with the most updated border regulations and to be in possession of the required documents, vaccinations and other medical certificates as may be required. Please be sure to contact the border to get the most updated and current regulations.

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