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best part of the Orange River canoeing adventure

Adventure River Rafting and Canoeing

A rafting and canoeing adventure on the Orange River is undoubtedly one of the most popular tours. Bundi Adventurers is a tour operator which offers various tours of river rafting and canoe excursions on the Richtersveld section. We operate from our base camp located near Noordoewer.

We have two types of boats that we use, the inflatable croc and the Mohawk canoes. Each boat is unique and has its own advantages and disadvantages. The croc is more stable, safe and robust against rocks and rapids. The canoe is faster on flat areas but often times fills up with water in the rapids or when it develops a leak due to bumping against the rocks.

Rafting and Canoeing are fun and healthy sports to participate in. Rafting is an outdoor sport which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. Canoeing is the sport of paddling a light, narrow boat. A lot of questions have been asked as to what is the best boat for a canoeing adventure on the Orange River. Click this link for some help.

Popular River Rafting and Canoeing Experiences

Take a mini-vacation and explore the very best section of the Orange River! Getting away for a rafting or canoeing excursion on famous Orange River has never been so awesome and amazing! Do not miss out on this thrilling adventure!

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Orange River Rafting  – The #1 adventure destination of all time on the Richtersveld Section