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Rafting Fun on Orange River: the best experience

You must experience this thrilling best rafting fun adventure to re-awaken your senses.  It is one of the best places to go for outdoor adventure, as well as to enjoy the fresh air and a cool river to cool off. Freedom as you have never experienced before.

White Water Rafting or River Rafting involves using an inflatable raft to navigate a river. Some rivers are more challenging than others. Operators typically use the International Scale of River Difficulty where the navigation of rapids in a river is classified as one of the following six grades: 

Grade 1:
Very basic skill required, few rough areas that might require slight maneuvering
Grade 2:
Basic paddling skill required, some rough water

Our itinerary for this orange river tour is as follow:

Arrive the afternoon of the 1st day // spend day 2 to day 6 on the river, the afternoon of the 6th day you return to the base camp // you then leave on the 7th day after breakfast.

Experience the magnificent Orange River while rafting on our 5-day Orange River excursion.

During our summer trips, our section passes through the scenic Richtersveldt and we operate all year round. Your trip will include beautiful scenery, friendly guides, exciting rapids, and full catering from the arrival evening until the departure morning.

Our fun river rafting adventures include professional guides, delicious meals, and a feeling of Africa infusing your soul.
For more information on this tour :

Itinerary – 5 Day River Rafting

drifting, floating and hanging on the Orange River Rafting expeditions are extra special