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Best Orange River Rafting Trip

This is the best rafting adventure to bring your senses back to life. No more sitting at the office and dreaming of adventure, now you are living it up. You will experience the great outdoors with starry night skies, intoxicating fresh air and a cool river where you can cool off and relax. This is the stuff of legend. Freedom as you have never experienced before.

With this trip you will spend 5 glorious days on the river, with 2 additional days travelling to and from our camp, totaling 7 days away from home.

Our itinerary for this orange river rafting tour is as follows:

Arrive the afternoon of the 1st day // spend day 2 to day 6 on the river, afternoon of the 6th day you return to the base camp // you then leave on the 7th day after breakfast.

Enjoy our 5 day Orange River Rafting excursion on the majestic Orange River.

Our section runs through the scenic Richtersveldt in Southern Namibia. Our trips are available all year round. Your trip will include beautiful scenery, friendly guides, exciting rapids and full catering from the arrival evening until the departure morning.

Our professional guides will look after your safety, provide scrumptious meals and ensure that your river rafting adventure will leave you feeling that Africa’s magic has touched your soul.
For more information on this tour :

Itinerary – 5 Day River Rafting


The adventure of a lifetime. The Orange River awaits you.

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