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 3 Day Orange River canoe and raft tour

Decorated raft while canoe the Orange RiverThe Orange River canoe and raft expeditions are one of our most popular family holiday vacations. The Orange River is the largest river of South Africa. We raft arguably the best section, called the Richtersveldt. Whether you raft or canoe on the Orange River is up to you. There are pro’s and cons to each type of boat used.

Your incredible journey begins 680km’s north from Cape Town.  At our private base camp we’ll introduce you to our guides. The camp is far from primitive; there are flush toilets, hot showers and a bush kitchen. A lot of clients upgrade for the first and last night to our en-suite rooms.

The Tour:

The Orange River canoe and raft tour, are an opportunity to participate in a unique wilderness experience. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful with the desert mountain range of the Richtersveldt. Rising majestically on either side of the calmly flowing waters of the Orange River – awesome natural beauty untouched by man. This is a truly special area to experience with your family. Please contact us for our family specials and group booking specials.

Minimum age for the Orange River rafting expedition is 5 years old.  For the canoeing adventure it is 6. The reason for this difference in the age is that the inflatable crocs that we raft with is more stable than the Mohawk canoes. We do not wear helmets as the biggest rapid is only grade 2. The International Rafting Federation recommends helmets from grade 3 rapids and up.

Depending on how strong the river runs you will either exit at the Fluorspar mine when
the water level is low or at Aussenkehr if the level is high. Your trip will include beautiful scenery, friendly guides, exciting rapids and full catering from the arrival evening until the departure morning.

Our professional guides will look after your safety, provide scrumptious meals and ensure that your river rafting adventure will leave you feeling that Africa’s magic has touched your soul.

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4 day tour
drifting, floating and hanging on the Orange River Rafting expeditions are extra special

4 day Orange River Rafting

This tour departs every Thursday. OR select your own dates.

exceptional special Orange River Rafting sceneryDays with us : 6 days
Rafting days : 4 days
Meals : all inclusive
Equipment : kit list
Camping : up-gradable
Upgrade : "no hassle"
Group size : max 28 people