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½ day Orange River Canoe or Rafting adventure:

Activities during day Orange River canoe

The ½ day Orange River Canoe or Rafting adventure is something to experience and never to be forgotten. Whether you are starting your Namibian vacation or finishing it, it is an amazing experience.

Many clients use our base to start their hike of The Fish River Canyon. In addition to shuttle service, we have a vehicle to pick you up at the end of the hike. We host lots of overland companies, and they spend a relaxing day canoeing the Orange River so they can settle into Africa.

Settle into Namibia with our unique canoe or rafting day on the Orange River.

The excursion is either too or from our base camp, depending on the weather and height of the river.

Various options:

Option 1: Arrive for supper and overnight at our camp // the next morning you spend a half day on the river // you then depart after lunch at about 2pm.
Option 2: Arrive for lunch at 12pm and then go onto the river. After which you overnight at our camp// you then depart after breakfast the next morning at about 9am.

In addition to receiving a safety talk and demonstration of the ins and outs of rafting, you will paddle down the river and cool off in the river.  Besides your safety, scrumptious meals and our professional guides, your river rafting adventure will leave you with a lasting impression of Africa’s magic.

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