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Bundi River Rafting Adventures

Distances covered on each river rafting tour can vary, depending on each group’s paddling strength. Short, relaxed 3 day trips usually cover 45km, whilst longer trips range between 63 and 86 km. Each day we aim to cover around 15 km (river flow average about 4km/h), stopping regularly for refreshments, lunch and to share in the excitement of the Grade 1-2 rapids.


We started with two man fiberglass Mohawk-style canoes, which we still use with the Orange River Adventures.  Since 2004, we bought The River Rafters that use two man inflatable “crocs”. Now we have combined both in our operation.


Some differences between inflatable Crocs  and Canoes:

  • River Rafting in Crocs is safer as they do not capsize as easily as canoes
  • There is no need to bail out water after each rapid since the crocs have a built-in self-bailer that drains the water
  • More comfortable than the canoes to relax on
  • Plastic and more child-friendly – no more wounds from sharp fiberglass pieces
  • One can load more onto the Crocs and also tie camping equipment on the sides onto the safety ropes
  • Do not break when you hit a rock in the rapids
  • River Rafting Crocs is easier to steer, therefore safer in fast flowing waters and avoiding rocks
  • One can get in and out of crocs more easily than canoes – an important factor for swimming during the hot summer months!



Bundi offers different River Rafting packages from ½ – 5 days. Tailor-made trips to suit your needs are easily arranged.

Here lies the biggest difference between the various operators on the Orange River. A 4 day rafting adventure differs with every company and product which they offer. Many of the companies call our 3 day adventure a 4 day tour. Be sure to ask whether you get a resupply of ICE (Gold on the hot summer’s days) and how many FULL days are actually spent on river. Our 3 day tour is THREE DAYS on river, returning to base camp on the third day. You then receive supper and you can leave after breakfast on the following day. Download various itineraries via links below.

Below are various River Rafting PDF documents of our Bundi Tours on the Orange River

3-day 4-day 5-day