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You should leave Cape Town no later than 18:00 for the drive to Clanwilliam. Our camp, Papkuilsfontein, is 250 km’s north of Cape Town. This is where we will introduce you to your guides. We will welcome you at Bundi River Rafters base camp in the evening for a social gathering and delicious dinner. Dinner will be served at 21:00, so we advise that you should arrive before then. After dinner there will be an important pre-trip packing & equipment talk. The rest of the night is spent socialising around the fire. Accommodation is provided in the form of 2 man dome tents equipped with mattresses. The camp has flush toilets and warm showers. Lights out is at 00:00 to make sure that everyone gets a good night’s rest for the day that lies ahead.

Day 1: Rafting on the Doring River:

After a cooked breakfast, you have some time to pack your kit and prepare to leave. We supply a watertight barrel for your personal possessions and cameras, as well as cooler boxes for your beverages.

Once the truck is loaded, we head out over the mountain to the river where the journey begins.

Once at the river, an important safety demonstration will be given, during which our experienced guides explain paddling techniques, personal safety, equipment, as well as how to conquer rapids safely (life jackets and helmets are provided). Thereafter, it is time to take on the Mighty Doring River…

Once on the water, the first big rapid is "House Rapid". After going through this rapid you might need to regain your senses, so there will be an optional short walk through the Namaqualand flowers to view Bushman paintings. If the level of the water is suitable, we spend time playing at "Happy Hole", before heading for "Krantz Rapid" the biggest rapid of the trip, consisting of 500 metres of holes, shoots and waves.


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During the trip down the river you will encounter exciting rapids such as "House Rapid","3-in-1", "Happy Hole", "Krantz Rapid", “Green House” and "Island" Rapid. In the afternoon you will shoot "Island" and "Teeth Rapid", amongst others, before arriving at the overnight camp.

The camp is an overhang cave equipped with mattresses. It is here that one can truely appreciate the tremendous view.

After sunset, you will enjoy fine bush cuisine around the campfire while reminiscing about the day's adventures.

Day 2: Rafting on the Doring River:

The morning begins with tea, coffee and a hot meal, then back on the river where we take on the challenges of the lower section rapids.

The second day is less hectic than the first.

You will get a morning break for a "lekker" warm drink and biscuits.

The river rafting experience comes to an end when you get to a bridge. The estimated time of arrival is between 1 & 2pm. It is here that a scrumptious lunch will be served, after which you will be taken back to base camp.

Back at camp you can relax, take a shower, and depart for home at leisure - ready to start a new week, relaxed and refreshed from an exhilarating weekend with Bundi Adventures.

You should be packed up and ready to depart camp no later than 4pm if you really take it easy.


If you want to keep an eye on the weather for your trip, click here for a week forecast.

Water levels

As for all river rafting on the Doring River, it is subject to the river water level.

We will raft if the water level is 0.5m or higher, 1m is ideal for a great rafting experience. If the water level is below 0.5m we will cancel the trip and refund your deposit.

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