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For your 60 litre shared barrel (30 litres per person):

  • Black bags to line your barrel (used one per day)
  • Sleeping bag & small pillow
  • Anorak / Wind-breaker or warm top for evening around the fire
  • Tracksuit or long pants for the evening
  • T-shirt
  • Woolen hat/beanie (winter nights)
  • Towel
  • Camera / binoculars (optional)
  • Headlamp (torch)
  • Toilet paper
  • Toiletries – remember biodegradable soap
  • Warm water bottle (optional)
  • 1 set of undies

For you to row with:

  • Wetsuit – 3mm shorty is ample (you can rent at camp: R135 per person)
  • Thin windcheater – to row with, fits between wetsuit & lifejacket
  • Cap – Optional (must fit under helmet – remove stud on top of cap)
  • Water shoes (strops or floppies/booties are the best)
  • Sunscreen / lip-ice
  • Sunglasses – Optional (must have a strap)

For your shared cooler box (48 litre):

  • Dry shoes
  • Plate / bowl / mug / knife / fork / spoon
  • Personal medication
  • Zip lock bags for personal items
  • Beverages & snacks – see below

Please note that this packing list is put together for the most extreme person. Please use it as a packing guideline.

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Please pack at least 2 litres of bottled water / non-alcoholic beverages per day. Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the river, however we don’t allow any glass on the river so please decant into plastic containers. TIP: Powered mixes are quite popular e.g. packets of Game or Clifton as well as the 200ml tetra packs of assorted Liqui Fruit juice. Please note that we do not provide ice.

Snacks for the river: dried fruit, biltong, dry sausage, peanuts, bars of chocolate, super C and jelly babies. Please keep in mind that we do provide light snacks before supper and after lunch, so no need to bring too many snacks.

Please take note that the last 40 km’s is gravel road. We have had low cars travel to our camp, but the last 8 km’s you must take very slowly.

On arrival, you will be allocated with one watertight barrel per two people (approx 60 liters) for your clothes and a cooler box (capacity of 52 cans) also shared between 2 people.

We do not provide ice on the Doring River. Please bring your own ice or leave your coolerbox open on the 1st night - it usually gets rather chilly at our base camp so this will cool down your drinks and cooler box. Please remember to remove your plastic wrapping from the 6 packs that you bought so that we can minimize rubbish on the river.

The camp on river is much warmer than the base camp, so it is recommended to bring an extra blanket for the 1st night at base camp. You can leave the blanket in your car when departing for the river.

How to pack your barrel:

You have dry clothes and wet clothes. The dry clothes are for the nights and they go into your barrel.

First you line the barrel with a garbage bag for waterproofing. Then you add your sleeping bag (loose) into the bottom & above this your dry clothes. Normally, you wear the same clothes every night, changing only your "undies".

The wet clothes are to raft and swim with. This will almost dry overnight and be ready to wear the next day. DO NOT BRING TOO MANY CLOTHES! You only need clean clothes to drive home. These you leave at base camp.

You must ensure that you have a minimum 2 litres of non-alcoholic beverages per day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any more questions or requests.

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